Washington Law Review


The purpose of this survey is to focus attention on changes in the probate law of the state as a result of the 1955 session of the legislature. Five separate Acts amending or adding to the law of probate were adopted. These Acts are chapters 98, 141, 154 and 205 of the Laws of 1955 and chapter 7 of the Laws of 1955 (Extraordinary Session). In the aggregate they embody a substantial number of changes, most of which are simple procedural amendments. A few of the amendments present secondary questions of some difficulty. It is not the purpose of this survey to attempt elaborate discussion of any such complicated problems. For the most part these questions are peculiar to the Washington statute and not categorically answerable on the basis of existing authorities. Consequently the existence of such questions will be noted leaving their ultimate solution to the future. (Parts of this article were prepared by the authors for the larger article, Washington Legislation—1955, which appeared in 30 Wash. L. Rev. 195-223. The Article was deemed to be of sufficient interest to justify printing it outside of the special issue for which it was written.)

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