Washington Law Review


The scope of judicial review of administrative action in the state of Washington is a subject to be approached with caution. The number and variety of statutory review provisions make the possibility of summarizing the law and drawing valid and useful conclusions seem near to impossible. Though some cases quite clearly discuss the factors which affect the scope or intensity of judicial review of particular types of administrative action, other cases in which such analysis is much needed fail to mention or discuss the problem. One is led to wonder whether the law is truly to be found in those cases which deal with the problem or in those cases which ignore it. Nevertheless, taking a broad view, it seems possible to make certain general observations. And those general observations lead to the conclusion that existing Washington law on the subject does not depart materially from the administrative law principles developed in many other states. Moreover, one is led to conclude that it would be possible to adopt a uniform system of review and eliminate much confusion and uncertainity without causing any major revision in the relationship between the courts and the administrative agencies.

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