Washington Law Review


Editor's Note: The Uniform Commercial Code continues to be the major topic of interest in the commercial law area as additional states enact this important statute. The roster now includes Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. This issue of the Review contains the first of a series of articles by Richard Cosway, which will complete the discussion of the sales coverage of the Code, commenced by Ralph W. Johnson (Sales-A Comparison of the Law in Washington and the Uniform Commercial Code, 34 Wash. L. Rev. 78 (1959)), and will continue with a comparison of the Code and the Washington law on negotiable instruments. In 1954 the Review published Secured Transactions (Other Than Real Estate Mortgages)-A Comparison of the Law in Washington and the Uniform Commerical Code, by Warren L. Shattuck (29 Wash. L. Rev. 1, 195, 263 (1954)). It is hoped that these articles will provide a nucleus for the Washington annotations which will no doubt be promptly prepared if the Code is enacted here.

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