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The "Sales in Bulk" Act


In the Magna Carta will be found what is said to be the first covenant for the protection of creditors' against fraudulent conveyances and other unjust acts of debtors. Since that time the attention of people through their constituted legislators has been directed to the enactment of statutes looking toward protection of creditors. Among the latest of these have been so-called "Sales in Bulk" laws, which have now been adopted in one form or another by the large majority of the states in the Union, all of which are aimed at the defrauding of creditors by the sale of all or substantially all of a merchant's stock of goods and/or fixtures. In 1901 the Washington Legislature enacted the first "Sales in Bulk" law, which was followed by an amendment in 1913 with the primary object to include "fixtures" within the act. In 1925, however, at the extraordinary session the whole act was gone over by the Revision Committee and many substantial changes made which resulted in the present act.

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