Washington Law Review


B. H. Kizer


Our Washington State Bar Association has now been in existence for forty years. When I look back on the forty annual meetings of this Association, each with its inevitable presidential address, I am all but overwhelmed at the wisdom and the learning that have preceded me. It is well that the science of jurisprudence and the administration of justice should engage our attention from time to time, and I am glad that my predecessors so uniformly kept their addresses to such high themes. However, while we are officers of courts of justice, and engaged as students of jurisprudence, we are also men who must earn our daily bread, as other men must do. I therefore make no excuse if, in this address, I yield up to my predecessors and to my successors much of that just and proper concern for the welfare of society and offer a program that looks to the further development of the practical usefulness of this Association.

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