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The Seattle Municipal Code requires intermittent inspections by the fire chief of nonresidential buildings for the purpose of discovering and correcting fire hazards. Pursuant to the Code, an inspector, without a search warrant and without cause to believe that a fire hazard existed, sought entry into defendant's locked warehouse. Upon his refusal to allow entrance, defendant was tried and convicted for failing to submit to a fire inspection. On appeal, the conviction was affirmed. Held: The fourth amendment's prohibition of unreasonable search and seizure is not violated by a conviction for refusal to permit entrance into a commercial building for purposes of a fire inspection authorized by a municipal ordinance, even though the inspector does not have a search warrant or probable cause to believe that a fire hazard exists. City of Seattle v. See, 67 Wash. Dec. 2d 465, 408 P.2d 262 (1965).

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