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The symposium contains two parts. In the general part, Dennis Thompson, Esq., Assistant Director of the British Institute of International and Comparative Law and Editor of the Common Market Law Review, discusses in depth the history, operation and future of The Common Market: A New Legal Order. Professor Albert H. Garretson, a colleague of two Associate Reporters of the American Law Institute's Restatement of the Foreign Relations Law of the United States, uses its framework to examine The Foreign Relations Law of the Common Market. Comments on these papers are by Professor Robert A. Anthony, Director of International Legal Studies at the Cornell Law School. The symposium's second, more specific part, contains a detailed study of The Procedure Before the Court of Justice of the European Communities by Professor Peter E. Herzog of the Syracuse University College of Law, followed by a case study of the Grundig litigation entitled Common Market Law in Process: The Grundig Case and the Interplay Between National Law and Treaty Law by Lawrence F. Ebb, Esq., Special Counsel of General Electric and formerly Professor of the Stanford University School of Law. Comments on the last two papers are by Professor Daniel A. Soberman of the Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario. It is hoped that these papers and comments will constitute a significant contribution to the ever-growing body of literature on this vitally important supranational organization.

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