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Genevieve Fay Brumley was adjudged a delinquent child by the juvenile court of Snohomish County on December 12, 1966 after she admitted telephoning bomb threats to local schools. Present at the adjudicatory hearing were court personnel, her parents, a welfare caseworker, a probation officer, and a policeman. She was not represented by counsel. During her subsequent incarceration, the United States Supreme Court extended the right to counsel to juvenile proceedings in In re Gault. In August of 1968, Miss Brumley petitioned the superior court for a writ of habeas corpus, contending that the Gault decision required a reversal of her conviction. The petition was denied. The Washington State Supreme Court affirmed. Held: The right to counsel extended to juveniles in In re Gault will not be applied retroactively in Washington. Brumley v. Charles Denney Juvenile Center, 77 Wn.2d 702, 466 P.2d 481 (1970).

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