Washington Law Review


Fred W. Catlett


The vast and increasing amount of money invested in policies of life insurance in the states having a community property system makes the status of the proceeds of such policies under that system of very general interest, and renders it highly desirable and important that the laws as to such contracts should be worked out with dispatch, definiteness and certainty The fact that there are in the community property states different theories as to the character and extent of the wife's interest and different statutes affecting the determination of the rights of the spouses has led to somewhat varying results. As the Supreme Court of Washington has not yet declared itself, with reference to contracts of insurance, upon a number of the questions raised, a discussion of the principles winch would seem to be applicable to their solution should be timely It is with considerable hesitation, however, that one ventures to discuss questions not yet specifically passed upon in this State and on winch so many members of the Bar have opimons and ideas drawn from their own practice and experience. One can only proceed with proper humility and with care to avoid error and too much of prophecy as to the future action of our Supreme Court.

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