Washington Law Review


Philip Talmadge


In recent months the Washington correctional system has come under aittack for failing to limit criminal activity by effectively deterring future offenders or successfully treating those offenders presently within the system. Responding to this public interest, this Symposium issue examines the adult correctional system, the jails, juvenile proceedings, and commitment procedures in Washington. The reader is provided with a step-by-step explanation of these proceedings, and personal observations from those intimately involved with corrections are also included to acquaint the reader with the thought processes of individuals implementing the correctional system. The Washington Law Review hopes that these materials will not only provide legal analysis for correctional practitioners, but will also highlight strengths and shortcomings of the correctional process for policymakers and interested citizens. For those concerned about the structure, effectiveness, and future of the system, this Symposium issue should provide information for analysis and debate on the costs and benefits of the present system and a framework for consideration of the problems inherent in the correctional process.

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