Washington Law Review


Irene Hecht


Two of several statutes governing the composition and organization of the major political parties in Washington, R.C.W. § 29.42.020 and R.C.W. § 29.42.030, require that certain pairs of party representatives consist of one man and one woman. Following an intraparty dispute various interested persons filed suit, challenging, inter alia, the constitutionality of R.C.W. §§ 29.42.020-.030 under Washington's Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). The trial court granted the plaintiffs summary judgment on this claim. In a five to four decision the Washington Supreme Court reversed, upholding the constitutionality of both statutes under the ERA because they did not discriminate on the basis of gender. Marchioro v. Chaney, 90 Wn. 2d 298, 582 P.2d 487 (1978).

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