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Those of us who have had the privilege to know and work closely with Charles Horowitz are most gratified that the Washington Law Review is dedicating this issue to him. It is particularly fitting from the standpoint of the law school and the law review, for he received his undergraduate degree and his law degree from the University of Washington. In law school he was both the honor graduate of the class of 1927 and president of the student board of editors of the law review (today's counterpart to the "Editor-in-Chief'). Since that time he has continued a close and loyal relationship to the Review and to the school. Initially in 1932-33, under Dean Alfred J. Schweppe, and intermittently in later years he found time to serve as Lecturer in Law, teaching contracts, conflicts of law, mortgages, corporations, and partnerships. He has also contributed many articles to the Review, scholarly in approach, exhaustively researched, and eminently suitable as a reference for practicing lawyers as well as for scholars. He has been an interested participant in the life of the school and a constructive supporter of its programs. In his frequent service as a moot court judge, for example, he always expends the extra effort to criticize the students' performance thoughtfully and constructively.

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