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Being a relatively new kid on the block, I am not sure I am an appropriate person to write about Marian Gallagher. After all, you—the attorneys, the librarians, the faculty and students (past and present)—have interacted with her for so long. What can I relate about her that you don't already know? For many years, before I considered joining the faculty here, the name of Marian Gallagher was well known to me. Not being in the book business myself, I was limited in my knowledge, but I did know she "produced" an incredible number of talented librarians and she had devised and distributed the well-known Current Index to Legal Periodicals. My mind's eye image of the unmet but already recognizable Gallagher was quite formidable. Imagine my surprise and delight when I encountered the soft-spoken person with the twinkling eyes, the smiling face, and the kindest manner. This was the redoubtable Marian Gallagher! Given a modicum of common sense, I should have realized that it was some sort of deception, but—like everyone else—I was and am taken in.

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