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From so talented a collection of competitors, it was Lehan K. Tunks who was selected to serve as Editor-in-Chief of Volume 32 of the Illinois Law Review, now known as the Northwestern University Law Review. It is my considered judgment that Volume 32 of the N.U. Law Review, under his editorship, was probably the second best volume of that Review ever published. It was exceeded in quality only by its successor Volume 33 under editorship surely needing no explicit identification. I was, therefore, early on, a follower of Lehan K. Tunks. Thus, he became one of my heroes at an early and impressionable age. Still, looking back at Lee Tunks (as we knew him then, for who ever heard of the name Lehan?), his stature as a hero was authentic. He was tough-minded, keen of intellect, creative, resolute of purpose, a dynamo of energy, eloquent of expression, and he insisted on the very best from everyone, himself included.

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