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The time has come, with Bob's retirement, to investigate and confirm or lay to rest the rumor that floats through Condon's halls and classrooms that Professor Robert Meisenholder is indeed an absent-minded professor. For, if it be so, then it should be part of his legend. And, if not, it should be erased in spite of the warning that "The moving finger writes and having writ moves on." To qualify as an investigator of things so intangible-to decide whether the rumor be ephemeral or legend-and so to place it in its proper niche, the investigator should have a long and reasonably close relationship with the suspect. I met Robert Meisenholder in the office of the Dean of the University of Michigan law School in the fall of 1939 where we were two of some dozen graduate law students. I lost track of him for a couple of years while he practiced law in New York City. But our paths crossed again while we were serving as officers in the United States Navy, stationed in Washington, D.C. We have been close friends since then. So, let's look at this rumor. Does Bob Meisenholder qualify for the appellation-Absent-Minded Professor?

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