Washington Law Review


Gerry Alexander


This conference will focus on the fact that whether we like it or not the new information and communication technologies, including the Internet, have begun to enter the justice system, will continue to do so, and will in many ways affect the system in the future. We in the judiciary and other legal fields have come to recognize that the current and future use of such technologies pose significant challenges and opportunities as we continue our quest to guarantee full and equal access to the justice system. Technology can provide increased pathways for access to justice, but it can also perpetuate existing barriers and exclusions and indeed create new barriers. The Washington State justice system is dedicated to ensuring that in the use of such technologies—and elsewhere—barriers to accessing the justice system are avoided, eliminated, or minimized, and that pathways to the justice system are created or maximized. [Remarks made at Technology, Values, and the Justice System, a symposium held on January 16-17, 2004, at the University of Washington School of Law.]

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