Offered by the UW Law Center for Advanced Study and Research on Innovation Policy (CASRIP), the Global Innovation Law Summit brings together thought leaders from around the world to discuss the most up-to-date issues confronting innovation economies (and aspiring knowledge-based economies). The summit explores the full range of IP, technology and creative content legal and policy issues.


Submissions from 2022

Patent Reform 201: America Invents Act, Jennifer S. Fan, Robert Armitage, Toshiko Takenaka Prof., Martin Adelman, Jan Krauss, William LaMarca, Joseph Metal, Scott Boalick, Douglas Stewart, Steven Kunin, Michael Rosato, and Erin M. Dunston

Unified Patent Court and the Unitary Patent System, Elizabeth G. Porter, Toshiko Takenaka Prof., Xuan-Thao Nguyen, Klaus Grabinski, Robin Jacob, Paul Meiklejohn, Stefan Luginbuehl, Judge Kathleen O'Malley, Matthias Zigann, Heinz Goddar, Isabella Fu, Gabriele Mohsler, and Melanie Mueller

Submissions from 2021

Setting Fair, Reasonable, and Non-Discriminatory Terms for Standard Essential Patents: Who, What, and Where?, Robert W. Gomulkiewicz, Heinz Goddar, Kamil Kiljanski, Lord Justice Richard Arnold, Hon. Peter Meier-Beck, Ed Haug, Alice Wang, Uwe Wiesner, Alan Fan, Rebekka Porath, and Nikolaus Thumm

Recent Patent Eligibility Development Impacting Litigation and Prosecution in the U.S. and Japan, Robert W. Gomulkiewicz, Toshiko Takenaka Prof., Judge Raymond Chen, Paul Meiklejohn, Martin Adelman, Stephen Kunin, William LaMarca, and Yoshinari Oyama

Competition in the Technology Sector: A Conversation with Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal and Panel, Elizabeth G. Porter, Robert W. Gomulkiewicz, William Covington, Emily Donohue, Scott Schumacher, Rima Alaily, Andrew Finch, and Doug Ross