In January 2007, a lawsuit was filed on behalf of two families against the State of Washington for not meeting its constitutional obligation to amply fund a uniform system of education. By February 2010, King County Superior Court had declared the State out of compliance with Article IX of the Washington State Constitution. The oral argument for McCleary, et al. v. State of Washington was heard in front of the Washington Supreme Court on June 28, 2011. [From the Washington Supreme Court's McCleary page.]

This archive includes briefs, other court filings, reports, and documents related to the Supreme Court Case, docket number 84362-7. They have been gathered from the Washington Supreme Court website and that of the Network for Excellence in Washington Schools.


Submissions from 2012


Plaintiff/Respondents' 2012 Post-Budget Filing


Report to the Washington State Supreme Court by the Joint Select Committee on Article IX Litigation




McCleary v. State

Submissions from 2011

Oral Argument